About us

Every project is born from an idea that puts passion and desire to make it come true: CUKADES was born from the idea of ​​a first-time mom (and very fan of all handmade products), which like all moms and dads , he worries so that his children have the best.

All products are made by hand, with a lot of love, and with quality materials suitable for the use of the baby (except decoration materials, which must be used exclusively for this purpose).

We have all the certificates that guarantee that our products adapt to the standards of the FDA (United States) or the EC (Europe), so they are free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium, heavy metals, PVC ..., present in many objects of our day to day and nothing suitable for a baby.

In addition, the wood used in pacifiers, collars, teethers, etc ..., is untreated beech, which indicates that it has not been processed or varnished, and that it is ideal for our children to alleviate their discomfort when they come out. teeth, or play with them without any danger of taking it to the mouth.

When you choose a handmade product, you do it because you want something unique: for that reason, in CUKADES we give great importance to personalized attention and take care of even the smallest detail.

I hope you like it!